Buying a ticket

1. Choose the event that you would like to buy a ticket to

2. Add the tickets to your basket

If the meaning of different ticket types are not clear, you can find more info on them in the event description.

Numbering next to the tickets (pl. Normal I/Normal II/ or Normal round I/Normal round II) mean these tickets only differ in price. When the cheapest round is sold out, tickets will only be avaliable at a higher price. When more than one ticket round is avaliable to purchase in the same ticket type, make sure to choose the lowest priced option, hence these tickets do not differ in anything else but their price.

3. Enter the details required for the purchase and the tickets

These details are not always applicable. The organizer of an event can choose to require them or not.

4. Enter your name, email address and invoicing details

We only ask for a tax number if the invoice is requested in the name of a company.

5. Click on Checkout

You are redirected to a platform where you can pay by card.

You can use the following card types:

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Maestro

  • Visa Electron

  • American Express

Other payment option:

  • Barion wallet

You can not pay online by any other means apart from the ones listed here (including bank transfer or SZÉP card).

6. Download your tickets

We send you your tickets via email upon purchasing. You don't need to print your tickets, it's OK to show them on your phone at the entrance.

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