Business details

You have to enter your business details to sell paid tickets.

When do I have to provide business details?

We need your business details if you want to sell paid tickets, so we will ask for your business details when you add your first paid ticket in the system. You don't need to provide business details as long as you only add free tickets in the system.

We issue the invoices and make the payouts based on the business details you entered, so make sure to give the correct information.

Where can I enter my business details?

When you add your first paid ticket to the system and click on save, a pop-up window will appear asking for your business details.

What business details do I have to enter?

Company name

The official, registered name of your business.


The registered headquarters of your business, where your company is seated.

TAX number

The TAX number of your business.

Bank account

The bank account or IBAN number connected to your business. This is where we will send your payouts.

Earnings are stored and paid out in the event's currency. If your bank account's currency differs from your event's currency, your bank will conduct the change which can entail extra costs.

Invoicing program

If this feature is not visible to you, the Cooltix invoicing program will be set as your default and we will use it to generate and send out invoices to your customers in the name of your business.

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Cooltix invoicing

You may need to set up an invoicing program depending on your country of residence. For this you need to choose an invoicing program from the list of options and enter the necessary connection keys.

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Invoicing software

Which countries are supported?

Customers can purchase tickets to your event from anywhere in the world. As an organizer, your organization have to be seated in one of the supported countries to start selling paid tickets.

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Supported countries

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