With this service, you can sell tickets to the video stream of your live or online event. Ticket buyers will only be able to access Stream through the Cooltix interface with the ticket purchased.

Setting up streaming

After selecting the streaming menu item, you can enable the sale of stream tickets for your event.

Stream providers

Currently youtube and redirect link are available. If you use Youtube, the youtube stream will be embedded directly into the Cooltix page, and if you link back, customers will be automatically redirected to the specified page.

Customize your streaming page

You can also set a title and description for the streaming page, or set the user to use a ticket only once or an unlimited number of times. With unlimited use, it is easier to get out of the way.

Notify users

Customers who have purchased tickets to an event with Streaming will be reminded of the start of the stream 2 days or 2 hours before the start of the event, and can simply access the Stream interface by clicking on the link in the reminder email.

Users access to stream page

Users can quickly access the stream page via the link in the reminder email. Alternatively, they can log in from the event page, in which case they will need to enter their ticket code, which is located below the QR code.

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