Hard tickets

Sales / Hard tickets

With the help of the hard tickets function you can generate QR codes to the tickets from the system. You can print these codes on paper in a copy place if you wish, and use them as hard tickets. These tickets act the same way as the ones bought online: the check in app can read them, and they will be included in the export.

The generated QR codes will not appear as sold tickets in the reports, but are absolutely valid for entry, and will appear as checked in after the check in process.

Generate QR codes for hard tickets

  1. Choose the ticket from which you wish to generate a QR code. The QR codes will have the same validity and specifics as the tickets they are generated from.

  2. Enter the quantity.

  3. Generate the QR codes.

QR codes can be downloaded at any time.

The generated QR codes will not appear as tickets among the participants, so they can not be manually invalidated. You can only do so with the check in app.

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