Cover picture

To upload a cover picture, drag the selected picture to the grey area or click anywhere within the grey area.

The picture has to have the same proportions as the Facebook cover photo (1.91:1), and it should be at least 700px wide. When setting the cover picture you can crop it, keeping the proportions.

You can modify the cropped picture by clicking on edit. To upload a new image, first you have to delete the existing one, then upload the new one.

Event description

Customers will first see the summary section when they arrive at the page of your event. Summarize what your event is about in a couple of sentences in this section. The description section is where you give detailed information about your event, there is no character limit here, so feel free to write everything that you feel will be important to your customers.

Additional sections

You can add additional text, image or video to your event page, to highlight your event to your customers. You can also rearrange these sections, and you can also set the position of the ticket list.

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