Download previously purchased tickets

If you have bought a ticket but can't find the confirmation email, you can still access and download it anytime.

Attention! Only tickets purchased with a correct email address can be accessed and downloaded this way.

Check out what you can do if you mistyped your email address.

1. Sign up (If you already have and account, skip to step 2)

Here you can find detailed instructions on signing up:

pageSign up as a customer

2. Log in to your account

Click on "Login" in the upper right cornet and log in.

3. Click on "My account"

4. Confirm that your email address belongs to you

A confirmation email had been sent to your email address upon signing up to our site. Open this email and click on "Yes, it's me". Can't find the confirmation e-mail? No problem, we can resend it and you can continue with step 5.

5. Download your previously purchased tickets

Here you can download the invoices of your tickets as well.

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