Payments providers

To accept payments, Cooltix Payment Processing is the default provider. If your organization is seated in a country where Cooltix Payment Processing is not available, or the selected currency is not supported by it, then you have to connect a Payment provider account.

In case of using Cooltix Payment Processing, the fees of the payment processing is deducted from the incomes before payout. If the organizer connects an other Payment Provider, the fees will won't be deducted by Cooltix, instead the Payment Provider will directly charge the organizer.

All organizer has to select a main payment provider to start selling paid tickets, and they can add additional payment methods beside the main payment provider. Only one main payment method can be selected, but several additional methods can be added. For free tickets there is no need for selecting a payment provider.

Supported main payment providers

One of these have to be selected to start selling paid tickets

pageCooltix Payment ProcessingpageStripepageSimplePaypageBarionpageNestpay

Additional payment methods

These can be added as additional payment methods, next to the main provider

pageBank transfer to organizerpageSZÉP Card (Beta)

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