Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequent questions asked by customers.

My ticket hasn't arrived. What should I do?

Sign up on our site and confirm your email address. After completing these steps, you will find all your purchased tickets in your account. Download previously purchased tickets

I mistyped my email address. What should I do?

Email us and we will resend your tickets. Make sure to include the following info in your email:

  • Name of the event

  • Date and time of your purchase

  • Names entered when buying the tickets

  • Your barion customer ID or the last 4 digits of your bank card

If you sign up on our site and log in before you make a purchase, your tickets will never get lost, you will always find them in your account.

What type of card can I pay with?

You can use the following cards on our site:

  • Visa

  • Electron

  • Mastercard

  • Maestro

  • American Express

Can I pay by SZÉP card?

No, on our site you can not pay by SZÉP card yet.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Most events don't provide the option to pay by bank transfer. If an event have such option, then you can select it as a payment menthod during the checkout.

What are ticket numbering or ticket rounds?

Organizers can limit the number of tickets that can be sold at a given price. For example, if the "Normal round I." is sold out, you can buy "Normal round II." tickets. Please note that the numbering / round number next to a ticket mean that these tickets only differ in price, and are valid to the same event and the same place within the event venue.

Can I sell my ticket?

We will only check the QR code on the ticket at the entrance, not the name, so you can sell your ticket. Please note, that we do not take responsibility for tickets that were not directly purcahsed through our site.

Always buy tickets straight from a verified and secure source! Tickets that were not purchased directly from us can be invalid!

Can I return my ticket?

Our tickets are non-refundable. You can not return a ticket or receive a refund.

Do I get a refund on my ticket if the event is cancelled?

Yes, as soon as the organizer notifies us that an event is cancelled, we immediately send a full refund to the bank card used to make the purchase. It usually arrives within 2 weeks.

What is commission?

Commission is the fee of using the Cooltix system. We use this amount to operate and develop our site.

Why should I sign up?

If you sign up on our site, you don't have to re-enter your information at your next purchase, can't mistype your email address, and all your tickets can be downloaded from one place.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

Click on "forgotten password" at the login and we will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

I asked for an invoice of my purchase but I haven't received it. What should I do?

Log in to your account and go to "download invoice". If you still can not download your invoice, send an email to us.

I added the wrong name to my ticket. What should I do?

We only check the QR code on the ticket at the entrance, not the name, so it shouldn't be a problem.

There is no name on my ticket. What should I do?

No problem. We only check the QR code on the ticket so you shall be fine.

How do I get my ticket?

We will send you your ticket via email to the address you gave at the purchase. You shall get the email a few minutes after you made the purchase.

When buying the ticket make sure to enter the correct email address. If you mistype the address, your ticket won't arrive at your email account.

Do I have to print my ticket?

Not neccesarrily, you can just show it on your phone at the ticket control.

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a sophisticated pricing strategy in which the price is reviewed and fine-tuned several times a day depending on the relationship between supply and demand. Accordingly, dynamically formed prices can change frequently and reflect much better the current market value of a given product or service. Dynamic pricing is now used successfully in many areas around the world - not only by airlines, but also by several major foreign movie chains, the German Herta BSC football club, the Wizards playing in the NBA, Broadway in New York, the Metropolitan Opera, Airbnb and has become an everyday practice for both Uber and retail. You can read more about dynamic pricing here.

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