Bank transfer to organizer

With this payment method the customers get the bank transfer details of the organizer, and the organizer has to manually check if the incoming bank transfers, and manually set the payments to completed.

This is an async payment method, what means the confirmation of a successful payment may take even severel days after the payment was initiated. You have to request to use this payment methods separately. You can read more about risks and effects of using async payment methods.

Process of the payment

  1. Customer select "Bank transfer" as payment method during the checkout

  2. Customer gets the transaction details: Organizer's company name, bank account number, and a custom id what they had to enter as a notice for transfer. Customer also gets an email about these details.

  3. Customer pays the amount

  4. Organizers manually check the incoming transfers, and set all fulfilled orders to completed on admin site, at event / manage attendees / orders

  5. Customer gets the verification email about the successful payment, with the tickets and invoice included.

Set up payment method

Not all business eligible to use these payment method due to the high amount of manual work needed to set payments completed as quickly as possible, to maintain a high customer satisfaction.

If you would like to use this payment method, please contact your Cooltix representative.

Alternatively, Cooltix Payment Processing will soon have a beta "bank transfer" payment method, where customers transfer the amounts directly to Cooltix instead of the organizers bank account, and transfers are auto-reconciliated without need of manual matching.

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