Search for tickets

You can search between the ticket and all the details of the order by entering it in the search field. The search can be started by pressing enter.

Export sold tickets

The list of sold tickets can be downloaded by clicking the export button. The table contains data related to each important ticket. Printed tickets also appear in the export.

Ticket details

Clicking on the ticket will display the data related to the ticket, other data requested from the customer, the operations that can be performed with the ticket, and the history related to the ticket.

The ticket history includes:

  • Date and place of purchase / unsuccessful purchase

  • Successful login time

  • Unsuccessful login attempt time

  • Invalidation time

Ticket invalidation

Clicking the Invalidate ticket button will invalidate the ticket. If an invalid ticket is scanned at entry, the entry application will not allow the ticket to enter with an "invalid ticket" error message. Tickets can be invalidated and re-validated indefinitely. Invalidated tickets will not appear as revenue.

Check in a ticket

Tickets can also be accessed from the admin interface by clicking the "Check in" button. At the entrance, we recommend using our smartphone app to check in.

Download ticket

The ticket voucher can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the "download ticket" button. To download all tickets for an order, use the Download Tickets for Order button in the Orders menu.

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