White label

This function is not available to all users yet. If you need to use it, please contact your Cooltix representative.

When using the white label service, the Cooltix brand is completely hidden from the customers. You don't need to give all white label settings, when some of them are left empy, default Cooltix settings will be substituted.


The orgnaizer's domain that they want to set as the place for ticket sales. We suggest using a subdomain, like ticket.myfestival.com

The organizer's domain that will appear on the white label website, the tickets, invoice and in the confirmation email.


You can choose if you prefer dark or light theme, also you can also set your Primary color what will be adapted to your event page, and the complete checkout process.


The email address from which confirmation emails are sent to customers. You can choose:

  • the default Cooltix email address

  • a gmail or gsuite email address (only login is required)

  • any other email address (smtp settings are required)

Cooltix using a highly optimized email service to maximize deliverability. If you choose to use alternative send out methods, then deliverability issues can occure.

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