Async payment methods

Async payment methods are not suitable for all event usecases, and because of this it has to be turned on separately. Please make sure you understood the risks and sideeffects, and make sure it works well in your case of selling tickets.

Some payment methods immediately return payment status when a transaction is attempted (for example, card payments) but other methods have a delay such as Sofort, these are called async payment methods.

Usually when customers initiate a payment (for example with cards), they have 15 minutes to finish it, otherwise the ticket reservation will be released, and payment will be timed out. But in case of async payment methods, after the customers intiate a payment, they will have more time (sometime even days) to finalize the purchase, until then the order will be in "pending" status. When the payment is confirmed to us by the provider, the customer will get the confirmation email and the tickets, similar to normal payment methods.

Risks and side effects

  • Tickets can be reserved for several days, so low quantity ticket types can be shown as sold out for other customers, then become available again after several days, if tickets in reserve won't be paid by the customer who reserved it.

  • Customers can get their tickets only when the payment is confirmed, what can be several days after they actually made the purchase. Because of this all async methods are disabled 7 days before the event.

  • In case of an event reschedule, it can happen that customers won't get their ticket in time, and they can't attend to the event.

Supported async payment methods

These methods are currently supported by Cooltix Payment Processing, and Stripe.

  • Sofort

  • SEPA Direct Debit

  • Bank transfer to organizer's bank account*

  • Bank transfer - autoreconciliation (Beta)

*Additional payment method, what works without Payment Provider.

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