Payment methods

Cooltix supports several payment methods, and offers it to customers based on the currency, their country, or the browser and device they use.

To make a payment method available to customers, organizer needs to connect and select a Payment Provider what supports the specific payment method.

Online payment methods

These methods can be selected by customers during an online payment.

  • Card payments

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • EPS

  • Sofort*

  • SEPA Direct Debit*

  • Bank transfer to organizer's bank account*

  • Bank transfer - autoreconciliation (Beta)*

  • Barion**

  • SimplePay**

  • SZÉP Card**

* async payment method, what means the confirmation of a successful payment may take even severel days after the payment was initiated. You have to turn on these payment methods separately. You can read more about risks and effects of using async payment methods.

** Not supported by Cooltix Payment Processing, you need to connect an own Payment Provider to have this method

Promoter payment methods

These payment methods are not available to customers at online purchases. These can be used only when selling tickets through Promoters, or onsite. These transaction amounts move outside the Cooltix platform, directly to the Organizer. Because of this, Cooltix does not take responsibility for them.

  • Cash

  • Card terminal

  • SZÉP Card terminal

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